torstai 2. lokakuuta 2014

Take part in Poem Caching!

Poem Caching playfully combines geocaching with communally created site-specific poetry. There's one Poem Cache hidden on the grounds of each venue of the In Dialogue symposium in Nottingham from Oct 1st Wednesday evening until Oct 4th Saturday afternoon. The poems will be then presented during the communal meal on Saturday evening. Remember that the caches are located very close to each venue, so you will have time to search for them even during short breaks!

We are happy to announce the coordinates, both geographical and poetic ones, for the caches! Here they are:

Nottingham Contemporary,
N 52°57.063'
W 001°08.735'

On the backside
of a borderline
reflections melt
towards the ground
Dare to face
a non-space
where you cannot pace
without sound.

N 52°57.348'
W 001°08.097'

What are they keeping
out – or in –
the bars and locks
of Ashley?
Close, closer, closed to hide,
but gently, not too far inside.

N 52°57 340'
W 001°10.092'

Snake in play
stalking her prey
in hide and seek
across the grey.
Quick, behind the corner!
She won't find us
from this cave!


Poem Caching is a part of the official programme of In Dialogue symposium 2014 in Nottingham, UK. It is an art project by two Finnish artists, Suvi Nurmi and Saara Honkanen.

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