torstai 7. elokuuta 2014

About Poem Caching

In Poem Caching the internationally popular geocaching hobby is combined to communally created site-specific poetry. The idea is to emphasize details from urban environment and to celebrate them with unique poems that are created through dialogue.

Throughout the symposium there will be three caches hidden on the route between the In Dialogue venues. The Poem Caching blog provides a map which shows the approximate locations of the caches and their coordinates. Every cache is provided with a piece of paper and a pen, plus instructions: if there isn't any writing on the paper yet, the finder can start a poem by writing a couple of verses on the paper, inspired by the location of the cache. If there are already some verses written, the finder can continue the poem with verses of their own, reacting both to the existing text and the location.

The poems will be published along with pictures of the locations in the Poem Caching blog.

The first run of the Poem Caching was held as a part of the World Poetry Day festival in Helsinki in March 2014. In the beginning of October 2014 we are bringing it to the In Dialogue Symposium in Nottingham, England. This blog will go active in the end of September 2014.